How do I find my friends on Foxyblu?
Look up to the search bar on top that says "FIND USER" and put their email address in the search bar. If they are not located, please go to your icon and scroll down to Invite friends and invite as many friends as you want.
How do I deactivate my account?
Go to your profile and click on setting and deactivate your account. If you need more support please, send us an email at
How do I change my email address, name, profile pics?
Go to profile Icon, click on setting and update your profile.
How do I buy an item that is saved on on my profile?
Find the item you want,  click “Buy” and you’ll be taken to the original store to purchase that item.
Can I drag the ADD+ button to another computer or browser?
You can add the ADD+ button to as many browsers and computers as you want.
How do I delete an item from my profile?
click  on any product page and it will direct you how to delete it.
What is Foxyblu?
Foxyblu is the easiest way and #1 place to save, discover, share with friends and buy items that you like.
How do I add product on Foxyblu?
One can use the ADD+ button to add the URL of the item location and follow the direction or you can drag the button to your Bookmark browser and add your favorite brand as you browse the net. Once you find an item you like just click on that button and it will send the product to your profile on Foxyblu.
How do I delete a friend?
Right now we don't delete friends, we just unfollow friends and they will be remove from your feed. We are working diligently to add new features.
How do I invite a friend to Foxyblu?
Go to your Icon, scroll down to invite friends and invite as many friends as you want.
How do i sell my products?
To sell your products, click on your profile icon in the top right. Scroll down to my products and add your product and description.
Do you anymore help?
Leave us your question and concern in our contact box and we will reply as soon as possible.